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Preview Release: May 20th

Official Release Date: May 28th


1st song single 

from Forthcoming Ep: LOVE SLAVE AUCTION


A collaborative, joint-venture mash-up from Recording Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Musician
AMA IZIIAN [ ah-mah * izi-yen ] and Producer Devon Medina M. [pka: CROOKLYN MASTERS]. Long-time production collaborators who have had their sound dubbed “the cosmic slop”. Taking their NY Sound influence and blending personal styles to create something new, burning, and original. “We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel.. but we definitely want everyone to know that these brand of these tires are custom and the rims ain’t cheap!”.


Pulling from the strong-pulse Dancehall vibes of his Jamaican roots plus his masterful expertise of hard-knocking Hip Hop culture and beats, CROOKLYN MASTERS lays the rhythmic floor and sound direction; while AMA IZIIAN, draws inspiration from superstar Pop/R&B influences, his knack for catchy hooks, multiple instrumentalist abilities, and great storytelling lyrics and vocals that borrow from the play books of MJ or Bruno Mars.


The LOVE SLAVE AUCTION is a straight vibing, 7-song press. AMA describes the songs as pulled from real life; the beginning middle and end of a toxic relationship - all during the months of Covid-19. “When you think you’ve found the “one” you expect to be important forever… but it goes very left and they become the most important lessons you could ever learn”.


The ep utilizes live guitars and bass, various played keyboards/synths, programming from both AMA + Crooklyn Masters, and a theme that holds a consistent “voices in the machine and in our head” through samples and sounds.


Mixed by Platinum Award Winning mix engineer, IRKO and mastered by Multi-Platinum engineer Alexis Psaroudakis Mastering, “The Moment” is the 1st single and sets the tone for what’s to come from the ep. “The Moment” is the story of realizing maybe you just found that “one”… before it all goes wrong.


“We’d been locked up, quarantined for a long while. So, we were looking for a way to get people moving their bodies. To forget some of their anxiety and remember what it feels like to fall for something or someone amazing.. And we wanted it to be felt all over the planet. So, we looked outside of ourselves, and our immediate surroundings and we both resonated on the pulse of Afrobeat, but done in our own special way. We cannot copy those amazing artists who really perfected Afrobeat, but we definitely want to find our song playing next to theirs.”

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