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AMA Iziian - "The Sinister" with LAGO

I'm very lucky and grateful to be friends with some amazingly talented people.

One person that, I kid you NOT, is one of the most Brilliant Painter, Graphic Artist, Street Art, maniac perfectionist.. is my boy LAGO. I've known him a long time and he has never NOT been the SHIT!!! We went to art HS together.. Music & Art (LaG to those who know what's up)..

LAGO was asked at 15 years old to paint a mural on the ground floor escalator wall..

I remember bumping into him between classes and he was there working on the pencil outline for the piece. I didn't see anything special on the wall in pencil.. So, I'm politely talking and he's telling me that he's not nailed what it is he's trying to achieve yet with this work..

Then he hesitantly says.. "Let me show you the draft". He goes and get's his portfolio..

Holding each side with both hands - he opens his folio like a book.. and shows me what it is he was trying to put up..

When I say this - I know you think it's just opinion or exaggeration but - What I saw in the 10 -15 seconds he allowed me to look... Was INCREDIBLE!!! It was of the universe.. from the perspective of another planet looking out into the abyss of all the planets and constellations .. It was vibrant in color in a way I'd never experienced, It was detailed beyond what I could understand how anyone could achieve, It was graceful, powerful, but not some type of hyped or sensational image of "Outer Space". It made my heart jump. Masterful!! I personally feel LAGO is one of the greatest artists living..

And he likes to come over and hang with me -- and we make quick video ideas of concepts and wackiness. How Lucky Am i...

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